Research Project 11

RP11. Selection and implementation of high-performance platforms in finance: The end-user’s point of view (Grzesiek Kozikowski)

Leading Partner: UNIMAN. Supervisors: Prof. Ser-Huang Poon

This RP considers the advantages and disadvantages of competing HPC technologies. The RP is hosted by UNIMAN in a very close collaboration with SWIP. The project focuses on the identification of technologies on the market and technology partners, with a specific intent of cross-fertilising financial practice with best practices from other industries (oil&gas, climate modelling, medical imaging); selection and formulation of test-cases for HPC in finance (in conjunction with RP2 and RP3), including identification of comparative metrics; and implementation of test cases from RP2 and RP3 on cloud, grid, GPU and FPGA and comparison of these technologies in practice.



DELIVERABLE 5.3 on project 11 (G. Kozikowski, UNIMAN)

Kozikowski, G. (2016), "Selection and implementation of high-performance platforms in finance: The end-user's point of view" [download]


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  • Papamanousakis, G.; Yang, J. & Kozikowski, G. "Potential Future Exposure and Collateral Modelling of the Trading Book Using NVIDIA GPUs", GPU Technology Conference 2015, Silicon Valley, 19th March 2015 [slides], [video]
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Final conference

Grzesiek Kozikowski (The University of Manchester): Selection and implementation of high-performance platforms in finance: The end-user’s point of view